How can Hoops be Competitive?

People often dismiss Hoops after playing a few games, claiming that it would be better if it conformed more to Soccar standards; however, its differences from Soccar are what allow it to be distinct yet equally competitive. Here we have compiled a list of the most common critiques of Hoops and our responses as an analysis of the game mode.

"The physics are different in Hoops."

This is a disturbingly common myth. The physics are exactly the same as in Soccar, including the weight and bounciness of the ball, gravity, and strength of boost. This has been tested before, and you can easily test it yourself in exhibition.

"The edges of the map are too angular."

The curves between the walls and the ground in the Dunk House are indeed more rectangular than those in Soccar maps. While this does take some getting used to, it raises the skill cap of Hoops by requiring an attacker to be more in control of the ball to utilize wall play to its fullest extent.

"The court is too small."

The court's smaller size allows for faster, more dynamic play. Since the defenders can close distance more quickly, offensive plays like dribbles and chip shots are more difficult to pull off. This different style of gameplay does not lead to a lowering of the skill requirement in Hoops; it simply shifts the basis of skill mastery from defense and proper rotation (as it is in Soccar) to offense and more inventive rotation. This shift means that attackers have to rely on creative plays on the wall and in the air to have a chance at scoring, instead of just rolling the ball into the goal after every defensive error. Also, as a result of the looser rotations, defensive players are able to position themselves in unexpected ways to be ready for counterattacks and passing plays in the event of a turnover.

The small court also couples with the shape and placement of the goal to create the perfect environment for the defining element of Hoops, which separates the casual players from the competitive ones: wall play. There are plenty of factors that contribute to a team's success, but effective wall play wins team games. Clearing, saving, and shooting from the side and back walls, as well as bumping others off of the wall are skills that must be mastered to compete at the highest level of Hoops. Wall play also increases the pace of the game and opens up many exciting possibilities, from end-to-end wall clears to passing plays that end with off-the-wall dunks straight into the net.

"Okay, but why Hoops?"

Hoops shares enough similarities with Soccar that it doesn’t feel completely foreign from the mode that caused Rocket League to become a respected eSport. However, Hoops is also different enough that it distinguishes itself as its own mode, a mode with a small yet dedicated player base and one that certainly has the potential for competitive growth. If you believe in the ability of Soccar to grow competitively (as it already has), you should certainly understand our point of view. If you join us with an open mind, we are confident you will see Hoops for what it is: a fantastic, fun, and undoubtedly competitive Rocket League mode.


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